The influence behind the creation of Maznik in Melbourne

Born in Spotswood and raised in a Macedonian household, I grew up watching my mum make maznik by hand. 

I truly appreciated the art of stretching out the dough over our kitchen table as it draped over the sides like a tablecloth while I drizzled oil and scattered cheese over the pastry.

I watched in awe as mum used the table cloth to roll the maznik pastry into a long roll and coil it, hiding a coin inside if we were celebrating Orthodox new year. 

The best memories I have always have food at their centre, with family gathering to share stories, laugh and enjoy a drink together. 

I have fond memories of the aromas of simple village food being cooked in our home, with dad sharing with us his recipes from Macedonia, and it is my goal now to share these recipes with you.

Maznik is my passion for sharing our culture with Melbourne, and I hope you will enjoy the food and atmosphere just as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.